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Gandong Cai, September 2015

GSD studio work

Advisor: Chris Reed, David Mah

Teammate: Jenny (Ho-Ting) Liu, Timothy Clark



​指导老师:Chris Reed, David Mah

团队:Jenny (Ho-Ting) Liu, Timothy Clark

This studio could be described as a series of workshops. In each workshop we explored a dual task of technology study and landscape-related topic discussion and produced a prototype. For example, we examined the possibility of using parametric modeling to test out the best landform in terms of water ecology, and manipulated FAR to control the density of a single urban block.


After the study of prototype, the studio entered the step of site design. The site was a complex piece of land occupied by highway, subway lines, residential zones and university. In the future a new Harvard campus will be moved to the site. It generated a set of interesting paradoxical pairs: the future residents and the local dwellers separated by the subway trails; the old Boston University and the new campus of Harvard, and so on. To deal with these relationships, my teammate and I proposed a superimposition method for the site: to build a Mega-infrastructure as a bridge to connect all these issues and solve the problems.



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